Workshop #2 | October 5th 2012

Dunedin School of Art

10am – 5 pm



Workshop #1 | March 2nd 2012

Outcomes from the first workshop were a mix of expectations and fascinations. As expected we were demonstrated how to use AR software, through application such as BuildAR and ColAR, both HITLab developed software. In particular BuildAR is the most accessible for an introduction to Augmented Reality where one can use basic visual markers for a webcam to recognise in order to augment sound, image, object and video. It is easily seen how this can translate into a gallery context fitted with webcams, screens/ projectors and computer hardware but moving into mobile & outdoor spaces seems to be the greater challenge.

Being given a basic tool kit to explore the fundamental principles of AR technology will allow time to play, experiment and evaluate how this can be taken further into exhibitions, mobile applications and interventions. Watch this space.

workshop schedule.pdf


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